Jumat, 24 Juli 2009

Raffi Ahmad

Raffi ahmad is an actor and presenter.He live in Jakarta. Nowadays Raffi have a girlfriend,her name is Yuni Sarah. Yuni Sarah is a widow and she already have a son from her married with her ex-husband. Raffi and Yuni become popular in public vision(television,newspaper,etc) because of the relationship between them as a couple.In the begining,they act a bit embarassed about their relationship.But,now they already approved each other in public vision.Raffi have 2 best friends,their name was Olga Saputra and Luna Maya.The three of them is a host from Rajawali Citra Television Indonesia "Dahsyat".Raffi Ahmad is a member of a group singer named "BBB".Raffi Ahmad is a handsome person,he is very kind and funny when it comes to people around him.His eyebrow is thick and look smart(maybe). Raffi Ahmad known as a playboy in public vision,because of his story behind the scene.

About Me

Hellow guys,My name is S.Yukiko Gunawan.
I'm 15 years old.
I live at Jl.Kapas Madya Id/107 Surabaya.
My Hobby is play basketball and playing games(AUDITION).
I have a boyfriend,his name is Vincent Adriaan H.
I live with my mom and my sister,I have one brother and one sister.
I'm a student and Yppi senior high school is my school.
My favorite food is crab and durian.

My hair colour is black(indonesian style)^^
My height is about 154 cm,not to short but not to tall.
I'm a good person and easygoing you know.
Sometimes i become very childish when I walk with my boyfriend.
(maybe,because he can understand me) hehe... =p
"Razzjack" is a group of girl where i belongs to.

Jembatan Merah

Jembatan merah is located on Kembang Jepun.Jembatan Merah have a story, becauze inpast war in between Netherlands, this war itz very Amazing.
Jembatan merah have a red fance. Jembatan merah connet with Jln kembang Jepun Surabaya. Jembatan Merah is near with Jembatan merah plaza (jmp). There are many pedicab around Jembatan Merah.